Your ID number and Password allow you to enter any Trial Auction listed on the Selections Page -- where you can simulate bidding in a real auction. Also, after you have clicked the Request to Bid button for a real auction on the Selections Page, you will be notified by the Auction Administrator shortly thereafter whether admission has been granted. If you request admission to an auction, you are not required to participate.

The following instructions will assist you in navigating the TRANTexas website page-by-page. Click the BACK button on your web browser to return to the previous page.

Home Page:

Provides general information.
Provides registration form to be completed on-line before accessing any Trial Auction or requesting admission to any real auction.
Takes you to Pre-Selections Page.
Takes you to Results Page where you can access results from previous auctions.

Pre-Selections Page:

Provides list of upcoming auctions with general information for each auction.

Selections Page:

Select either Trial Auction or any upcoming real auction, then click one of the following buttons:

Takes you to Login Page.
Displays Notice of Sale for auction selected.
Displays Amendments to Terms, if any, for auction selected.
Displays POS for auction selected.
Allows you to request admission to the relevant transaction.

Login Page:

Registrants enter their ID number and Password and, if participating in a real auction to which they have been granted admission, click the Enter Auction button to go to Verification Page.

Verification Page:

Asks series of questions which confirm bidder's eligibility to enter auction.

Auction Page:

Provides general parameters regarding the transaction, boxes for bidder to enter principal amount and premium (in dollars) and displays the bidder's Net Interest Cost (NIC) and time submitted.

Once bidder fills in boxes for Principal Amount and Premium, bidder can click either Calculate/Update or Submit Bid.

Computes NIC without submitting bids.
Computes NIC while submitting bids.

IMPORTANT: Clicking "Calculate/Update" does not result in bid submission.

Confirmation Page:

Automatically generated by TRANTexas when bidder submits a bid. Gives bidder opportunity to review bid submitted before it is officially recorded. If for any reason bidder decides not to submit the bid shown on the Confirmation Page, they can click the "No, Go Back" button to return to the previous Auction Page without the bid being submitted.

In addition, there are links at the bottom of each page which allow you to navigate your way through the website more efficiently.

Your opinion of this website is important to us. We would welcome any comments you have about TRANTexas by e-mail to the (also see link at the bottom of each page) or call (412) 391-5555.

Important Information for Bidders:

Bid Commitment Must Be Submitted:

Each bidder must submit a signed Bid Commitment on or before 5:00 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, as set out in the Notice of Sale.

Separate Filing May Be Required (Interested Party Disclosure - Form 1295):

If applicable, a bidder on the Notes must submit a Certificate of Interested Parties (“Form 1295”) for itself or each applicable syndicate member on or before 5:00 p.m. CDT on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, as set out in the Notice of Sale. Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2252.908 (the “Interested Party Disclosure Act”), the Comptroller may not award any Notes to a bidder unless the bidder has provided to the Comptroller either (a) a written representation that such bidder and each syndicate member listed on such bidder’s Bid Commitment is exempt from the requirement to provide a Form 1295 or (b) for all other bidders, including any applicable syndicate member listed on a bidder’s Bid Commitment, a Form 1295, as prescribed by the Texas Ethics Commission (the “TEC”). Pursuant to the rules prescribed by the TEC, the Form 1295 must be completed online through the TEC’s website.

For Additional Information, you may refer to the following resources:

HUB Participation

The Comptroller encourages participation by Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses ("HUBs") in all contracts. In general, a Texas HUB is defined as a small business with its principal place of business in Texas that is primarily minority, women, or service-disabled veteran owned and operated.

The Comptroller encourages qualified Texas HUBs to bid directly on the Notes. For all other bidders, the Comptroller encourages them to make a good faith effort to increase Texas HUB participation in the award of the Notes by actively seeking opportunities to partner with Texas HUBs and where appropriate entering into Mentor-Protege relationships with Texas HUBs.

Required HUB Disclosure Report for Successful Bidders:

Each successful bidder must submit a HUB disclosure report to the Comptroller within two (2) business days after the sale of the Notes, as set out in Attachment C of the Notice of Sale.

For Additional Information, you may refer to the following resources:

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For sale information, call the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts at (512) 463-4914.
Please direct questions and comments regarding bidding procedures to the or call (412) 391-5555.

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